About us

The ETGroup is a joint venture between the EM Group and Turbo Tech, forming a company with a team of highly qualified engineers trained in gas and steam turbines, combined with heat generation from biomass and wastes to power.

Turbo Tech’s knowledge originated from aerospace technology and is used in steam and gas turbine design and manufacturing, resulting in a world class, highly efficient low cost product.

The EM group main activities reside in the development and the supply of thermal process equipment, incinerators and recuperating thermal oxidizers. The exploration of applying Pulse Combustion equipment in industry, is a second goal.ETGroup is based in The Nederland’s and we pride ourselves on listening to our sources, our clients, to you. Top priority is, to improve customer's productivity and competitiveness.

By relying on our propriety technologies and organization, a successful realization of your project is at hand. As manufacturer and supplier of energy systems and environmental related equipment, we deliver and install, globally.

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