1. What is the LCGT ?

The low cost gas turbine (LCGT) is a simple, rugged gas turbine; designed specifically for industrial cogeneration. It consists of a single stage compressor; single can silo combustor and a single stage turbine wheel, coupled through an integral step-down gear box to a 4 pole generator. The LCGT can be supplied as a single 500 kW unit or as a multiple unit up to 3.0 MW , with load sharing and synchronization panels

2. Who should use LCGT ?

LCGT’s are used by several process industries like Distilleries, Chemicals, Pharma, Paper, Food or any industry where there is a requirement of both heat and power. LCGT will also be used in Hospitals where the exhaust from the LCGT can be used to generate chilled water for air conditioning.

3. Can LCGT handle liquid and gaseous fuel?

This is made possible by the use of advanced technology and superior materials of construction and incorporating the latest control philosophy for multi-fuel usage.

4. How does one use the electric power?

The turbine is coupled to an alternator through a two stage speed reduction epicyclical gearbox. The LCGT package comes complete with electric panel and terminal connections in a single skid. This simplifies the electrical work to do for any nearby power control centre of adequate rating and capacity.

5. What will be the savings and payback on investment?

Power thus generated will be of low cost. Payback time is usually within a year . LCGT qualifies for accelerated depreciation in the first year itself.

6. Who are the people behind LCGT?

EM Group and Turbo Tech joined to form ETGroup and is spearheaded by a team of highly qualified engineers trained in gas turbines used for aero engines and incinerators and gasifiers.
The ETGroup brings aerospace technology to gas turbine manufacturing, and syngas production, giving it a world class, highly efficient product at low cost prices.

7. Product range :

We have developed a 500 kW gas turbine with the option to use any gaseous liquid or solid fuel having a calorific value of 18 MJ c.q. 4500 kcal/kg or more and having low Sulphur content. Our specialty rests in making versatile turbines to suit exact customer requirement.