No. ETGroup ECT Competition
1. Wide and flexible offering in the 0-2500 kW range, extremely customizable  Very limited product offering, “any colour as long as its black” philosophy.
2. High speed design = Highest efficiency in small size-class, overall efficiencies in 50 – 65% range.(enthalpy drop to electrical output) Low speed design = Low efficiency in the small sizes, efficiency in 35 – 45%.
3. Premium stainless steels used in flow path, unlimited corrosion life, long erosion life, superior containment performance. Cast-iron, cast-steel and low-alloy carbon steels used, subject to corrosion during shut-downs, low erosion life, brittle Materials, offers only low performance.
4. Sophisticated & modern aerodynamic correct blading, optimized for each customer. Out-dated circular arc rotor blade profiles, drilled passage or straight-line nozzles, “parts-bin” assemblies, no customization,low efficiency.
5. State-of-the-art “Blisk” rotors for maximum strength & safety,150% burst speed margin, high accuracy, single part per rotor. Inserted blade rotors, <50% burst margin, low blade setting accuracy, 100+ parts per rotor.
6. Integral gearbox, eliminates 2 turbine bearings + 1 steam seal, eliminates high-speed coupling, minimum weight& foot-print, lowers system cost. Separate gearbox requires two turbine bearings + 2 steam seals, high speed couplings create balance & alignment issues, very heavy and occupies large space, expensive.
7. Factory assembled & aligned unitary skid, small foot-print and weight, rubber mounts, no foundations or civil-works required, small & light enough to be manoeuvred by one person using a pallet trolley to final installation location. Site erection & alignment required, very large and heavy, requires heavy-lift equipment and extensive foundation preparation at site.
8. Sophisticated & modern digital PLC controls, easy starting and operation, easy interface with plant DCS, Web-enable-able for remote monitoring. Out-dated hydro-mechanical controls, no communication possible.
9. Excellent maintainability, minimum parts, standard tools, 4 hour assembly time. Several days for major maintenance action, require heavy lift equipment and many special tools.