Steam turbine MK3

The MK3 Steam turbine is the smallest turbine in our range, and has one module / blade.

The blade of the MK3 is uniquely optimized for each customer to maximize efficiency. Mach numbers, angles and blade sizing are determined based upon customer’s steam parameters using proprietary software. This whole tuning process is generally completed within hours, resulting in short engineering and manufacturing time.

This agile method of blade design and manufacturing is unique in the industry, especially for low-value small steam turbines. It combines the efficiency advantages of engineered turbo machinery with the short lead times more common to segregated blades.

Pressure range:
Inlet Pressure Bara (psia): 2 – 30 (29 – 435)
Back Pressure Bara (psia): 0,1 – 15 (1.45 – 218)
No. of stages / modules: 1
Turbine speed (rpm): 12000 - 14400
Output (rpm) : 3000 / 3600
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage: 380v / 415v
type of generator: Induction Generator
Configuration: Back pressure
Power Set Weight (kg) 2000 kg

MK 3
MK 3 steam turbine