Technical specifications

Key features of ETGroup Steam Turbines

Power range of 50 – 3.000 kW.
Induction generator-equipped turbines, for variable-flow power applications.
Synchronous alternator-equipped turbines, for capacitive-power applications.
Single-stage impulse turbines, for enthalpy drops of up to 200 kJ/kg.
Two-stage Curtis turbines, for enthalpy drops from 200 – 400 kJ/kg.
Combinations of the above, in multiple-modules, with integral combiner-gearboxes, for larger than 400 kJ/kg enthalpy drops.
Multi-module, Multi-stage back-pressure extraction/injection turbines.
Multi-module, Multi-stage condensing-extraction/injection turbines.
Syngas gasifiers.
Combustors for extreme difficult fuels.

Blade simulation