The ET Group is specialized in the engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of complete Steam, and gas turbine equipment and applications for industrial partners.

Energy Conservation Turbines (ECT’s) have a varied application in industry, helping to generate valuable electrical power. This electrical power is generated from a steam pressure drop, which otherwise would have been wasted into the environment.Typically an ECT is used in parallel with a pressure reducing valve (PRV) or a pressure reducing de-super-heater station (PRDS), downstream of the steam boiler. Normally the generated steam in the steam boiler has a higher pressure than the desired process steam. Therefore the steam is passed through a PRV or a PRDS. By installing an ECT in parallel to the PRV/PRDS, whatever steam energy that would have been wasted due to the pressure reduction, can now be recovered in the form of electrical power. This can be done with super heated steam as well as with saturated steam. It becomes highly beneficial for industries using steam in general.ET Group, guarantees robust and reliable installations, which provide unrelenting performance for years to come.

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