Steam turbine MK4

The MK 4 Steam turbine is the most powerful turbine in our range.

Turbine Module with integral reduction gear-box.

Equipped with:
Four hardened stainless steel turbine wheel blades (integrally bladed discs), designed for superheated or saturated steam.
Precision rolling element bearing.
Precision made gears for low noise & high efficiency.
Pressurized oil circulation system.
Flexible coupling for easy alignment of turbine and generator.
Siemens/ Crompton (or equivalent) make 2-pole induction motor / generator.
4-pole alternator, specially treated for generator application.
Mounting skid with anti-vibration mounts.
Simple floor installation, no foundation required.
PLC based Control panel with suitable metering devices for power & energy measurements.
Built-in safety interlocks, annunciation panel and “Fail-safe” actuator.
Certified pressure control valve for back pressure control & Quick Shut-off.

Other Important Aspects:
Ø Simple to operate, a fit & forget system.
Ø Operating costs practically Nil.
Ø Low maintenance costs.
Ø Mean time between overhauls: 25000 Hrs.
Ø Low payback period, 9 months to one year.
Ø Qualifies for 80% depreciation in first year.

Pressure range:
Inlet Pressure Bara (psia): 2 – 30 (29 – 435)
Back Pressure Bara (psia): 0,1 – 15 (1.45 – 218)
No. of stages / modules: 4
Turbine speed (rpm): 12000 - 14400
Output (rpm) : 1500 / 1800
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage: 380v / 415v
type of generator: Induction Generator/
Configuration: Extraction & back pressure, extraction and condensing.
Full (100%) condensing
Power pack set weight (kg) 15.000 kg.

MK 4