Gas Turbine Cogeneration

Low Cost Gas Turbines (LCGT) are used in industry for generation of power by using low cost liquid, solid or gaseous fuel for lower electricity costs. The exhaust gases from the LCGT which have high heat content can be used for numerous other applications and processes.

The Low Cost Gas Turbine for power generation works on the Carnot Cycle principle. The technology used is unique in the sense that the compressor of the LCGT is a single stage centrifugal wheel and the turbine is a single stage radial outflow expander. The Carnot cycle efficiency is purposely kept moderately low, as to generate electricity but also high exhaust heat from the engine. The combustor used is a high quality silo type can combustor.
The wasted exhaust heat can be utilized for numerous downstream applications in industry and in commercial complexes to give a high-energy recovery from the fuel.

The LCGT is used by several process industries like Distilleries, Chemicals, Pharma, Paper, Food or any other industry where there is a requirement of both heat and power. LCGT will also be used in Hospitals where the exhaust from the LCGT can be used to generate chilled water for the air conditioning.

We have developed a 500 kW gas turbine with the option to use any gaseous or liquid fuel having a calorific value of 18 MJ/kg c.q. 4500 kcal/kg or more and having low sulphur content. Our specialty is in making versatile turbines to suit exact customer requirement.

Gas turbine
Cad drawing