Plug and play

The ECT and the driven generator are mounted on a single rigid fabricated carbon-steel skid.
The skid also contains the entire lubrication system.
The skid size is very small, typically being 1m x 2,2 m.
The unit is fully factory assembled, aligned and the coupling between gearbox and generator installed.
The skid is provided with rubber anti-vibration mounts, to eliminate the need for any civil works at the customer site, and to make alignment with steam lines easy and tension-free.
The unit is factory tested at full speed in a motoring mode, using the factory electrical supply, to check for mechanical integrity. It is then shipped to customer site, for installation and commissioning in a “plug-and-play” mode.
The weight of a typical 160 kW ECT skid-mounted turbo-generator is about 2000 kg, and can easily be moved and manoeuvred into place by a single man using a pallet trolley.

MK 3